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Wi: Journal of Mobile Media


Be informed of all events and news related with the activities of the Mobile Media Lab.


Wi is a peer-reviewed online journal that publishes the latest in international motilities research, encompassing disciplines such as art, design, engineering, computer science, communications and media studies.

Wi (pronounced why) is an open-access collaborative project published by the Mobile Media Lab. The journal uses open-source software to maximize the hyper-linked integration of image, text, video, and sound.

Current Issue
Included in this volume are essays on eye tracking in the wilderness (Kuparinen and Irvankoski), evaluating mobile location-based applications in realistic settings (Larsen, Peterson, Zandi and Handler; Wang, Young, and Coxon), the use of derive to understand the mobile experience (Tollmar, Harling and Ramberg), and flexible research methods for mobile industry practitioners (Harrison, Medrington and Stransom). The majority of papers are located in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) studies, with the exception of our contribution and that of Maria Férnandez-Ardévol. What links all of the work is a focus of users in context. All are engaged with how individuals and groups engage with mobile technologies in specific locations, such as a retail store (Poppinga and Pielot) local urban environments (Crow and Sawchuk) and national and transnational locations (Férnandez-Ardevol).

Previous Issue
Guest-edited by Dr. Fabio Botelho Josgrilberg (Metodista, São Paulo) and Dr. André Lemos (Federal University of Bahia) this third issue of Wi features nine articles that address the specific context of Brazil. All are written by Brazilian authors whose expertise and interests span the disciplines of communications, philosophy, semiotics, social psychology, economics, sociology, and cultural studies. The topics cover a range of issues including: mobile communication, mobile technologies in journalism, wireless in the city, locative media, surveillance, spectrum politics, and moto-boy culture.

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